Virtual Fitters (VF) began its first year of operations in September of 2014. Virtual Fitters is located at 439 West 49th Street, on the 5th floor, room 511. The firm is comprised of 21 employees that work within 6 salient departments; Administration, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Graphics/IT, Editorial Communications along with Sales & Marketing.

          Here at Virtual Fitters we strive to provide customers with high end clothing that appeals to their fashion sense. Our goal is to establish a stable standard of service and to treat our customers with integrity, dignity, and our upmost respect. We feel it is our priority to build an environment which appeals to our customers, while at the same time offering fashion correct products on a timely basis. With affordable prices, Virtual Fitters will instill customer satisfaction and ensure that you get the most for your money.  Though our target market focuses mainly on young adults and teenagers, our products are available to customers of all ages.